About School

BFCI English School is a Government Recognized English Medium School founded in the year 1999 and it is managed by the Dr. Jafar Educational & Agro Research Foundation, Aurangabad.

We run following school, are as under

1) BFCI English Pre-Primary School,
Delhi Gate, Aurangabad

2) BFCI English Primary School,
Delhi Gate, Aurangabad

3) BFCI English High School,
Delhi Gate, Aurangabad

4) Memom Urdu Pre-Primary School
Delhi Gate, Aurangabad

5) Memom Urdu Primary School
Delhi Gate, Aurangabad

6) Tahera Begum Urdu Pre-Primary School
Wauj, Aurangabad

7) Tahera Begum Urdu Primary School
Wauj, Aurangabad

8) BFCI English Pre-Primary School,
Wauj, Aurangabad

9) BFCI English Primary School,
Wauj, Aurangabad

After getting natural and superb growth up to 7th Standard we are going to open “Memon Urdu High School”

True Education must contain all the necessary facilities with Physical exercise, nourishment of emotions and moral. The growing body seeks vigour, ability to strive and grace. The mind must gain knowledge, wisdom, purity of thoughts and love to God. As we all know every crime began with unfaithfulness to God’s Law. Therefore we observe;- Absolute Love, Absolute unselfishness, Absolute Purity and Honesty, because “Happiness comes from giving to others.”

The School, also takes special care to construct a solid foundation of the English Language and teach Etiquettes, Manners and Respect of Others.

Our Education is value Oriented.

The school runs its own Bus Service to make it convenient and safe for children to reach the school and Home - in time. Each bus is provided with a person who takes special care of the students. The bus rules are given at the Bus Service page on website.

By the Grace of Almighty – with a huge support from the parents and with the hard working of the Authority, we are going to fulfill our dreams of memorable premises, a perfect Library, student’s health care unit and a huge Play ground. We believe each and every moment is

“For the Student, Of the Student, By the Students”


Slowly and gradually, the BFCI English School has achieved their solid base in the heart and souls of the students. Because, we believe in Devotion, we believe in Eternity, we judge the Emotions of the immature hearts, hence our services are for the Development of Humanity.

We do with sincerity and proud to say

Bright – Hopes for the best

Future – With Determination, Devotion & Dedication

Career –  Of exceptionally high caliber

Institute – Of Best Human Values