Digital Board Smart Class

BFCI School introduces digital board smart classrooms from academic year June 2012.

Salient Features of Smart Classrooms:-

Rich Graphics
Stereo sound & animations
Virtual experiment
Make learning fun
Abstract concept easy to understand
Regular interactive classrooms
Diagram illustrations
Digital technology for day to day teaching.
Easy assessment for learning
Real life applications of academic concepts
Enjoyable learning in digital classroom
Relevant web resources for every MCQ
Maintaining the students interest.

BFCI is now an enduring enlightening and emphatic entity of education. An enigmatic Brand Equity paying rich dividends to those who believe and trust over CRYSTAL - CLEAR COMMITMENT FOR INNOVATION IN EDUCATION.

Beneficiaries of BFCI are now in College graduating in different faculties and marching towards a Bright Future. BFCI with its students and aspiration of their parents ushers into NEW MILLENNIUM. The new challenges of new era thrown at new generation of young ones will be our main concern in order to evolve and improvise the methodology of Education. Hence INNOVATION IN QUALITY EDUCATION will continue to be the hall mark of our schools.