Parents Section


1. You, the parents, are the Real Educators of your children. The School is just a coordinator, playing a supporting role in this matter. Please, therefore, involve yourself in your children's Education; be interested in their homework and studies and give us a helping hand to educate your child properly.

2. Parents or guardians or other persons are not allowed to meet the children and teachers during working hours without the permission of the Principal except on Saturdays.

3. Complaints of any kind, if any, should be made to the School Authority and not to the Teachers. Any communication from parents or from teachers to parents should be made only through the Principal.

4. Parents are expected to sign the Progress Report Cards of Unit Tests, Mid Term Examination and Final Examination.

5. Parents should instruct those who come to drop their small children to school or to take them home, that they should drop them up to the school building and pick them up from the school building.

6. Information about performance, student's leave and daily report of arrival and departure timings will not be given on the school building.

7. No one should park their vehicles in front of the school.

8. Except for parents or guardians and relatives, no outsiders are permitted in the school compound. Parents are responsible for the behavior of those who come to leave their chidren to school or take them home or bring lunch for them. Any reported misbehavior of such person may mean disciplinary act against the concerned.

9. The parents should see that their children do not have money or valuable articles with them. The school will not be responsible for money or other articles that are lost in the school premises.

10. The school authorities accept no responsibility if a student is obliged to return home during class hours for failure to comply with school regulation.

11. Parents, for pre-primary, are requested to please check the children's dress, shoes, socks, books and note books, pencil box, tiffin box, ties and belt on daily basis.

12. Parents are requested to check the two-Identity cards of the student's daily.

13. In case of emergencies viz sudden vomiting, loose motion, high temperature etc, School authority will inform the parents / Guardians immediately on telephone and if require the sick students may be shifted to hospital / Home in school vehicle.