School Bus

The school runs its own Bus Service to make it convenient and safe for children to reach the school and Home - in time. Each bus is provided with a person who takes special care of the students. The bus rules are given after photos of our buses

School bus service rules

No one is allowed to use the school bus without School Bus Card.

Bus Card's can be obtained from the school office.

The School Bus Card is not transferable.

No Bus Card is issued for a part of the year of the month.

Cards are issued at the beginning of the school year and are valid up to the end of the school year.

The School takes the responsibility of reaching the children to school and back home provided the children are at their
   stops in time.

Children are warned against putting any part of their body outside the bus while travelling in it.

Any damaged to the school bus by the students has to be recovered.

Misbehavior in the bus or failure to follow the instructions of the conductor will be punished.

Every School Bus is provided with a conductor to help the child in boarding and alighting. The card Holder stuck to it
   for Identity.

If the original card is lost, a duplicate must be immediately obtained on payment of Rs.10/-

Bus fee are to be paid by the 15th of every month.

While paying the fees the Bus card must be shown and entry must be taken on the card.

The bus is available for Card holder not only on school days but also for school functions.

Any complaint regarding the School Bus Service or any suggestions for its improvement is to be made in writing to the
   principal who will accept them gratefully.

Every Bus Card must have a Passport size Photograph.