School Vice President

Message of School Vice President

Dear Student

As you all know very well that I don’t love to give you long point of views of mine, but throughout the whole academic year every time I tries to reminded you that you are the one who will Reshape the forthcoming world, you are that sophisticated guiding star of my school whom I possesses a lot.

My dear students, if you really want yourself to be established in the life then suggestion of mine are… deeply and gravely feel the crisis of the universe. The world is not enough for hatred so spread love, happiness and try to heal the pain of the people through your most grave and precious education guided by  me. Loving yourself shall never allow you to drift away from the Path of Progress, simply because no one can injure self-interest. Yes, the most important person is yourself and therefore your life has to be such that you and your parents could pride over it. And this is possible only if you understand three valuable “D”s (Determination, Dedication & Discipline) to excel in your Studies and thereafter in your Career.

With Wishes
Farida Shakir
Vice President
BFCI English School